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About Us #BRU

Two brothers’ love for coffee slowly developed over years into something so big, that the next step was to start a roastery, now you have BRU Coffee Roasters.

BRU Coffee Roasters is owned by two brothers who turned their passion into business. This passion is the driving force behind the company, keeping the wheels turning and the ball on the roll.

We are classified as a micro-roastery, roasting coffee in small batches. Tian (one of the owners), is our in house roast-master who knows all the ins-and-outs of green coffee beans. Roasting in small batches has the advantage of being hands on, controlling every second of the roast.

During the first few months we experimented with roasting techniques and blends, perfecting what was to become our flagship BRU Blend. It has a combination of rich flavour, excellent aroma and full body (normally in dark espresso). Our BRU Blend is suitable for all brewing techniques, from espresso to french press or plunger (with the right coarseness of course!).

Our batches are less than 10kg per batch to ensure high quality and we are proud to be one of the few roasters who provide single origin beans. Beans from different regions are roasted separetely prior to being mixed into a blend.

Coffee is roasted on demand per order to ensure freshness on delivery. We believe that coffee should be consumed between 5 days and 8 weeks following roasting. After 8 weeks, beans tend to go stale.

We had a very successful Coffee and Chocolate Expo during 2016. It was our first attempt since the start of the business to really be hands on with the public.

We are also proud to partner with TakeaLot. Click here to see the products available on our TakeaLot strorefront.

BRU COFFEE ROASTERS provide you with the fine taste of 100% pure Arabica coffee and it will stay this way.

Read our first magazine article by clicking here.

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