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Machine Rental Terms

Terms and conditions:

  • The machine/s remains the property of BRU COFFEE ROASTERS. 

  • The contract will be paid monthly in advance.

  • One (1) month notice required when ending the agreement.

  • Machines must be operated with water filters (softener and/or descaler) if provided.

  • The rentee must insure the machine/s for the replacement value. 

  • There will be a charge to recoup damages if negligence is evident/visible.

  • Water damage will be paid by the client. 

  • Minimum monthly coffee orders (kg) apply. 

  • Rentals provided with the exclusive use of coffee provided by BRU Coffee Roasters. 

  • Coffee orders will be delivered within seven (7) days from order.

  • One free coffee delivery per month.  Courier fees apply on additional coffee deliveries. 

  • A credit check may be required. 

  • Prices include VAT. 

  • Available in South Africa only. 

  • Service provided nationwide with free delivery in Gauteng.  


most Espresso Machine Clients qualify for:

  • Free machine servicings when due. 

  • Free maintenance.

  • Water filtration included.  


jura Machine rental:

  • Free delivery in Gauteng. 

  • Free machine servicing when due. 

  • Free maintenance accessories.

  • Water filtration excluded.

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