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La Marzocco BRU Coffee Roasters
Coffee Queen BRU Coffee Roasters
Jura BRU Coffee Roasters

Here at BRU we are serious about making great coffee.  

We would like you to get serious too.


The coffee must be so good, that you are willing to cross the Atlantic ocean to have that next cup.  If your coffee doesn't taste that good, or you can't prepare a great cup for your client who just crossed the Atlantic, then it is time to upgrade.    

First, we don't believe in lengthy contracts.  We trust that our quality and suburb service will be reason you use us as your preferred supplier.  You and your clients will be quick to complement our coffee and if they don't, you shouldn't be stuck in an agreement for months to come.  

For coffee shops we specialise in La Marzocco commercial espresso machines.  They produce superior, consistent espressos.  Paired with a good barista you will be set for success (barista kit and grinder included).  

For the office or a guesthouse, we recommend Jura Bean-to-cup machines. They deliver a great cup of coffee with an easy, intuitive interface, to ensure anyone can keep your machine in tip top condition.  Maintenance is a piece of cake and all maintenance products are already included in the rental.  Paired with great after sales service from Jura that mean you will have a reduced downtime.  

We also supply other single group espresso machines ideal for guesthouses and restaurants (or your home) where the quality of your coffee is of utmost importance.  Even though it is not meant for high demand per hour, they offer you the capability to steam milk at the same time as preparing espresso.  Paired with a Mazzer on demand grinder, you will be ready to serve every coffee conniossoir.  

Some additoinal notes:  

  • No minimum contract period (30 days notice to end agreement).  

  • Rental provided with the exclusive use of beans provide by BRU Coffee Roasters (samples available on request).  

  • One free coffee delivery per month (main centers only).  

  • Machine servicing included in the rental price.

  • Price Exclude VAT.

  • Free delivery and installation in Gauteng.  

La Marzocco BRU Coffee Roasters
La Marzoccco Espresso Machines
Consistency is key.  
La Marzocco is a brand that speaks for itself.  
These machines, combined with our coffee, will provide outstanding taste cup after cup for espresso and espresso based drinks.
We provide our espresso machines with everything you need to make great coffee - just bring your own water and electricity.
The following are included: 
  • Free machine servicing.
  • Barista kit.
  • One free coffee delivery per month.  
  • Rental service provided nationwide with free machine delivery/installion in Gauteng.  
Jura BRU Coffee Roasters
Jura - Bean to Cup Machines
Our Jura machines provide extreme convenience with an elegant appearance.  
Various rental and combinations are available to provide a no fuss, all inclusive option for your office, shop or home.  These machines provide comfort at a competitive price and is extremely easy to operate.  
The following are included (Price vat excl.): 
  • Machine servicings.
  • Maintenance products. 
  • Cool Control Milk accessory (milk fridge). 
  • One free coffee delivery per month.  
  • Very low cost per cup of coffee (*price excludes milk).  
  • Rental service provided nationwide with free machine delivery in Gauteng.
Coffee Queen BRU Coffee Roasters
Coffee Queen Filter Machines 
Great for guesthouses, excellent in the office.  Keep your coffee warm with the Thermos M without ruining the taste.    
The following are included
  • Order more than 12kg of coffee per month and rental is free. 
  • Paper filters included.   
  • One free coffee delivery per month.   
  • Rental service provided nationwide with free machine delivery in Gauteng.
La Marzocco
Coffee Queen
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