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Coffee that does not disappoint!


This is our house blend, used in all our shops but also tried and tested by many shops all over the country to provide an all round cup that is pleasing for all customers.

We created an all round coffee that is pleasing as an espresso but also good for filter coffee. 
Easy drinking with an almost familiar taste due to the variety of the blend (5 cultivars). 

It provides a pleasing aroma with a nice mouth full feel, ideal for newcomers and the "not so fussy" drinkers. 


We roast the origins separately before mixing our secret ratios to ensure that the qualities for espresso as well as filter coffee remain well sealed and seated. This blend constantly evolves as our roasting/cupping experience increases, but has already developed into the big brother of our brand, true to its name.


BRU Coffee Roasters only provide 100% pure Arabica coffee.

BRU Blend - 250g

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