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BRU Crew's morning ritual.

The coffee we craft today at BRU was tasted and tested by many friends, over many meals. Initially, we didn’t have cupping charts and tasting days - we had friends over and tried our best brew at home. It didn’t taste great, but it was the best cup that we could offer. Every single time we learned something new and we’ve come a long way since then.

If you go to any of the BRU team’s (aka BRU Crew) homes what you will find is not a single group espresso machine or high-end bean to cup machine, but a humble Bialetti Brikka - known as a moka pot.

Grinding a BRU first thing in the morning is a ritual we all hold dear (even if the kids are still sleeping). Stack and lightly tamp the Brikka, then waiting for the hot water to funnel through to the top where you can expect a good shot with crema, timed to perfection. This process is completed in 4 minutes and 35 seconds. Depending on the mood, some may need hot water for an Americano or frothed milk for a Cappuccino (for the wifes), then you are left with pure joy as you sip the morning blues away.

More and more people prefer the art of coffee making at home over the instant watery cup we all grew up with. We know there is a high demand for the compromise of art and quality with POD coffee, adding convenience to our high pace lives. But for those who are starting out on the coffee journey, exploring different brewing methods for the coffee varieties and origins, or the expert that want to go back to the art of home brewing, we have some tips on making your stovetop at home.

At BRU we believe there is always something more to learn and we will keep at it as long as we can, to always offer our clients the best coffee we can possibly make.

Happy “BRU-ing”. The effort for getting the perfect extraction is worth it!


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