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Update ABOUT US Page

As a business grow, so does the knowledge and relationships in the industry, as well as with clients. Below is our updated About Us page info....

BRU Coffee Roasters believe in people and the thing most people have in common - coffee! A cup of coffee is more than a fix. It is a craft perfected by an artisan with the know how to excite the most delicate palette.

At BRU we do just that. Our in house artisan roaster craft coffee consistently, to deliver the highest quality.

Our custom engineered, locally developed roaster make use of world leading convection and conduction technologies in the perfect ratio, allowing us to roast as short as 9 minutes. This ensure that the oils which give coffee its complex flavours are retained inside our beans with the natural sugars caramelised, so you never have a bitter cup.

We roast micro-batches to guarantee authentic arabica coffee you can expect only from hand crafted coffee. Quality, consistency and flavour - we pride ourself in the coffee we deliver. Our excellence and passion for the trade has placed as a market leader in the coffee business.

BRU Coffee Roasters supply you with the pure taste of 100% Arabica coffee.

And our slogan: Coffee that brings people together.

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