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"Use-Buy Date" is Meaningless

Coffee is best consumed a few days after roast. After that, coffee goes stale, and that happens quicker than you think. So why not have the roasted date on the packaging?

Most retailers know that it does take a while for merchandise to make its way from the warehouse to the shelves. Having the roasted date might be embarrassing seeing that it is such an important part of coffee.

The roast day is super critical for your coffee. This is probably the most important reason why you should find a reliable micro-roaster in you area, or at least support someone who can ship to your address within a few days.

Why does coffee go stale?

As carbon dioxide leaves the coffee beans during degassing, it's replaced with oxygen.

This oxygen reacts with the oils and other solubles within the coffee bean and this process, otherwise known as oxidization, is what makes the coffee go stale. The oxidized oils and solubles means notable flavors won't be as pronounced and the coffee will taste flat.

Find coffee that is fresh and grind your own. You will be surprised by how good your own coffee will taste.

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