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Ruimsig Country Estate, Krugersdorp, South Africa. 


Two brothers’ love for coffee slowly developed over years into something so big, that the next step was to start a roastery.  This adventure placed us on a path we couldn’t dream of, a journey we can share with the people of South Africa.  

This proudly South African company is run by two local entrepreneurs who put customer service first.  Our excellence has placed us as a market leader in the business with the help of our leading brands, La Marzocco, Mazzer and Jura.  We provide assistance from your first grinder for home use, to the set-up of the most high-end coffee shops.  


During the first few months we experimented with roasting techniques and blends, perfecting what was to become our flagship - the BRU Blend.  It has a combination of rich flavor, excellent aroma and full body (normally in dark espresso).  Our BRU Blend will satisfy in all brewing techniques, from espresso to french press/plunger (with the right coarseness of course!).  


We roast coffee in small batches to ensure high quality.  We’ve selected a few high quality,  single origins and profiled them to ensure every flavor is highlighted.  Beans from different regions are roasted separately prior to being mixed into our blends.  


Coffee is roasted on demand (per order) to ensure freshness on delivery.  We believe that coffee should be consumed as soon as possible after roasting, but within 8 weeks.  After 8 weeks, beans has lost most of the unique flavors we amplify with our roast profiles.


We have a passion for people.  Our main priorities are not only to built a successful business, but to provide every person with the best coffee they can possibly have.  We are authentic in our approach and live up to our slogan:  “Coffee that brings people together.”  

We supply a wide range of coffee equipment for your office or ship with leading brand La Marzocco and Mazzer.  


Our promise as warranty is the replacement of your order if it doesn't meet your expectations. 


BRU COFFEE ROASTERS provide you with the fine taste of 100% pure Arabica coffee.  

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